Tuesday, April 20, 2010


WOW!!! It has been so long since I have sat down and taken the time to add a new post, my poor blog has been so neglected. However, I have been stopping in off and on and checking up on my favourite blogs which always adds a smile to my face. As you know life just gets so crazy at times, we all have those times when even the things we love to do become hard to tackle. I have not been doing too much in the way of home decor but im pushing to get myself motivated again. You see, we purchased this home almost three years ago and I have been having a hard time making it feel like home, but im trying, as I need to give it an honest effort as it could just be this phase in our lives. I found this cabinet on Kijiji with the intentions of painting it, that hasn't happened yet but I did still go ahead and accessorize it and if you look in the mirror you will see, I finally got curtains on the patio doors....NO MORE BLINDS, YIPEEEEE!!! A couple of my girl friends like the cabinet as is and have been encouraging me to just change the hardware, so we will see. Hope everyone is well and decorating up a happy storm, im certainly going to do my best to stop by and visit my blogging friends.